Our team is composed of designers and engineers, artists and stylists, photographers and audiovisual technicians. We are committed to testing and selecting the best backpacks on the market. The unique experience of each of our members allows our customers to benefit from a very rich know-how.

Our selection criteria are very rigorous : ergonomics and functionality, quality of assemblies and finishes, durability of materials and accessories used. We also ensure that the price of each product is justified. All our backpacks are extensively tested in the field, including hiking, travel or two-wheel tours.

Why did we choose to be focused on backpacks only ? Simply because we do not consider the backpack as an accessory, but as a product meeting real needs. We carefully choose our brands, which we prefer to consider as true partners.

We are attentive to their needs, but especially to your ideas : our entire team is at your disposal to answer to your questions or take your ideas into account, at any time. You can write to us via our live chat interface or use the following address : contact@keus-store.com.

Our partners

  • Black Ember
  • Chrome Industries
  • Drifter Bags
  • Heimplanet
  • Inside Line Equipment
  • Millet
  • Millican
  • Mission Workshop
  • North St.
  • Ortlieb
  • Rivendell Mountain Works
  • Savotta
  • T.O.E. Concept
  • Topo Designs
  • Ucon Acrobatics